A successful project can only be achieved when there is a successful relationship with the people you work with, and the clients you collaborate with.



Melissa Gardner


Mel has been in design and advertising for over 15 years. She's worked in studios and agencies in Brisbane, Melbourne and currently Sydney.  Most recently, she helped establish a small agency in Surry Hills, where they thrived in the property and retail sectors. As a Creative Director, she has worked with clients large and small, to creative engaging print and digital projects.

Mel's unshakable love of food culture has led to the creation of her first solo venture, The Eatery Group. With this agency, Mel is focusing her design and strategy skills on producing culinary brands with exceptional experiences. Partnering with hospitality experts, Sunny and Keihyon, ensures that every project is elevated to the next level, with form and function foremost.

Mel can craft a beautiful brand, for a beautiful room, and know the establishment is equipped to create a beautiful experience.

Sunny Matharu


Sunny has worked extensively in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years, in both his hometown of London and for the past 9 years, Sydney. His versatility within the industry has led him to manage popular restaurants, produce pop-up bars and restaurants and organise dining for some of the world's rich and famous.

He has been Host and Manager at several well renowned Sydney establishments, including Merivale's Mr Wong, MOJO by Luke Mangan and Surry Hills popular Toko.

Sunny’s divercity has also seen him manage major music, entertainment and sporting dining events for artists including; Coldplay, Daniel Johns and the English Cricket Team, to name just a few. Whilst at Toko, he organised a collaboration with Oz Harvest to organise a challenge on Masterchef Australia, which gained unparalleled exposure on Channel 10.

Sunny creates exceptional and effortless dining experiences for his loyal clientele, whilst managing his dining rooms with precision, enthusiasm and a smile. 

Kiehyon Yoo


Kiehyon's career is full of Sydney dining hotspots. Mr Wong, Mejico, North Bondi Italian, Jimmy LiksTetsuya’s, Omega and Toko to name a few. 

Kiehyon trained at the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, which is fully accredited by the International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

His experience and roles have encompassed initial setup and construction of restaurants, through to Sommelier, Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager and Licensee. He’s also consulted for the Korean restaurant, Palais de Gaumontin Seoul. More recently, he’s been a member of the Merivale Bar Management Team.

Kiehyon's experience and breadth of skill within the Sydney dining industry is seldom matched. He’s been involved in every aspect of the dining experience, but still maintains an ability to look at everything as a whole, rather than individual pieces. He's quietly determined, methodical in his work, and an invaluable part of our team. 


We are constantly extending our team of professionals in the creative, food & hospitality industries, enabling us to craft an unparalleled team for each and every project.